Denim: Samurai

Denim is easy to dress and hard to choose.
The Japanese has a lot of taste in many fields, one of them is fashion, now to me is time to talk about japanese denim. The history of Samurai Jeans part by Osaka, in 1997. This is where the brand Nogami-san, beginning to be appreciated as a refined producer of raw denim, and unwashed selvage. A heritage of traditional workwear, the high quality – and price – for editions sold often in limited. Lover of pure Japaneseness, Samurai uses in some cases the leather patch – originally used by lumberjacks and Western hunters to polish the blade of his knife – to disseminate its tradition, telling stories sometimes curious.

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Back to fabrics

loropiana zelander

I was been away for a while, too busy and too lazy.
Now is time to come back, just in english and starting frome the basics: fabrics.

Loro Piana is the best luxury fabrics producer in the world, it produces the best wool, the best cachemire and is the main Vicuna producer (they saved Viquna from extintion involving local people and Peruvian government in the ’90)

I bought a suit for my sister wedding three years ago, I wanted something blue, a pinstripe suit, but not the usual pinstripe, I wanted something more, the stripes had to be made not with a different color but with same main suit color. The stripes had to come out by the way the fabric was made.

It took three weeks to find the right one, a Loro Piana Suit, a Zelander light wool. A perfect slim fit and the lightest and confortable fabric I have ever wore.

Photo by Stylosophism

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