APDM – Effective Tool for Student Management System


We are living in age of technology where scenario of education system has achieved a great success by the use of internet technology. If you are not interested in attending the school or college, to can use virtual platform or join some distant learning program of reputed educational institution where getting admission for your desired program may be far from the reality. This has made easy for many students to get education while doing their job simultaneously and online platforms are also affordable. The school administration and academic staff are also making use of internet technology to keep track of students’ performance and making addition or deletion of relevant records.

What is APDM

APDM is an effective and technology-based solution to facilitate school administration and faculty to record students’ performances and accreditations and to evaluate them on the basis of updations made in their records from time to time. This is ministry of education’s efforts and the details are available on apdm.net.


Using internet technology, student records can be accessed by their teachers, administration department, state level educational authorities and ministry of education for secondary level admissions. Government and private schools are concurrently using this software for their respective schools and also getting benefit from the use of this application.

How APDM helps in school management

APDM helps schools in managing the admission process, enrolling new students, maintenance and reporting of student data, fee and transport management, handling records of academic events, maintaining discipline records, communicating with parents for student performances, preparing statistical reports, preparing class and teacher schedules automatically, maintaining student health records, special educational services, accounting and budgeting services, canteen and dorms management, and many other applications that are relevant for school administration. Educational institutions having complex structure make use of customized software. This offers best student information system which is highly prevalent in western nations for a long time. It is being used in other nations also in recent time.