Centsports: For Those Who Know Sports and Want to Prove!!!

The www.centsports.com site is an online sports gambling and betting gaming site which allows its users to bet on the sports events from different countries. One who claims that they know sports they can prove it on the www.centsports.com site and can also earn money through this site. The site has a system known as ‘crony system’, through which a user can invite others to join the site and the user will receive a 5% bonus on the winnings made by the invited users. Thus, one can earn and refer his or her friend to earn more.

One needs to login to the site www.centsports.com, set up an account, and begin to make bets on your favorite sports and teams. One can bet on different sports such as soccer, basketball, football, etc. For example, one can bet on many leagues or teams in soccer, MLB, National Basketball Association (NBA), Ultimate Fight Championship (UFC), NCAA (The National Collegiate Athletic Association), NHL, and also NFL during the entire season.


However, the Agent of NCAA, Gambling and Amateurism Activities division stated that using or engaging in the centsports style gaming would be considered a violation of NCAA sports wagering legislation.

The centsports site, i.e. www.centsports.com is also gaining importance because all the money used in the betting is sponsored by the advertisers, but you can never owe money. However, you can achieve the goal of collecting dollar 10 or more in your account and then only you can cash out your winnings. The user keeps tabs of every person that signs up the site and after every month the one who wins the maximum amount holds the crown of centsports champ. Thus, to be on the top of the leaderboard one needs to be an active player on the centsports site and bet on most of the games and win.