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ancor pendant
















I love sea, I love anchors.
I’ve already talked about anchor buttons in one of my first posts.
Spring is here and now I’ve got a good excuse to talk about anchors again.
Here a selections of male jewels. Let me now wiche one better matches your taste.

Amo il mare e le ancore.
Ho già parlato di bottoni decorati con ancore in uno dei miei primi post, e ora con l’arrivo della primavera ho una buona scusa per parlare nuovamente di ancore.
Qui trovate una selezione di gioielli maschili, ditemi quale di questi incontra il vostro gusto.

Bundeswehr marine anchor ring
Anchor Bracelet Blue Marine Rope
Anchor Bracelet Blue Marine Rope
String bracelet with anchor clasp
ancor pendant
anchor pendant

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12 Responses to Anchor style

  1. huda says:

    I want to know where can I buy this (String bracelet with anchor clasp)

  2. marco says:

    Hello Gentlemen where I can buy the bracelet
    Anchor Bracelet Blue Marine Rope
    thanks very kind

  3. Please, can you give me information about the anchor bracelets (the third one, string bracelet) where can I get it and how much does it costs? I’m from Peru.

  4. Elpi says:

    Oh so lovely!
    This is my 1st giveaway!

    Im waiting for you! =)

    Kisses Elpi xx

  5. Marco says:

    Conoscete un sito dove potrei comprarli? Rispondetemi su in caso lo sappiate!
    Grazie, MM.

  6. ron says:

    Nice Site!

    Where can i Purchased one of these anchor pendants?



  7. Emily says:

    The red one! lovely.. (as in not what i would wear as a woman but what i’d like to see on a man)

  8. Mitchell says:

    Where can I buy the string bracelet with anchor clasp? I really love it.

  9. Megan says:

    Where can i get the string bracelet with anchor clasp? its adorable

  10. Mikaiyla says:

    Anyway i could buy the STRING BRACELET WITH ANCHOR CLASP

  11. Michael says:

    I like the ring, bundeswehr marine anchor ring. I wear a size 8 mens. Where can I find one?

  12. mare says:

    do you still offer the anchor bracelet. How much and how do i order? thanks

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