Quick Fix Synthetic Urine – The Cheat to Pass Urine Screening for Drugs

What is urine screening?

Urine sampling is the best way to test consumption of alcohol and drugs which is usually required for some specific purposes. Department of Motor Vehicles and police authorities need it to confirm driving under influence (DUI), employers maintain this practice to abstain their employees from alcohol drinking during working hours, and physicians consider it best for pregnancy confirmation. Drug and alcohol consumption are usual practices in metropolitan and other major cities and urine screening has been necessitated to charge for alcohol consumption while driving or on duty. Some typical employments such as military and police services and other employments of sensitive nature have mandatory requirement of urine screening.

quick fix synthetic urine

Why urine screening?

There are several methods of screening for alcohol consumption which may include saliva screen, hair testing, and breath analyzer, but all may not hold good in every situation. Urine screening is the best method to detect alcohol consumption because it makes its appearance in the urine shortly after consumption. Urine screening is the preferred method which can be performed at low cost in the normal laboratory and without much efforts or complex equipments for best results.

Fake or synthetic urine for testing

Now-a-days, people are using quick fix synthetic urine as fake urine to pass screening test which is easy to get as a bottle of laboratory produced synthetic urine to match a real urine in its physical as well as chemical characteristics. This fake urine has balanced pH, specific gravity, and is toxin free to clear screening without a doubt. Many different type of synthetic urine samples are available in the market which can be maintained at real urine temperature to work well to pass the test. Quick fix urine is the best way to cheat for passing toxin-free urine screening, but it can’t be free from being caught in the absence of precautions because some testers are aware of the synthetic urine and their skill can detect the difference.