Lugano Diamonds: A Leading Luxury Brand

Found in 1991, Lugano Diamonds is a leading brand of luxury jewelry. The line of business of company includes wholesale distribution of jewelry, silverware, precious metals, stones, clocks, watches and costume jewelry. The first store of the company opened in Newport Beach, California in 2005. Moti Ferder, a well-known personality among luxury jewelry connoisseurs, is the owner of the company.

The company has a reputation of creating and design unique, artistic, luxury jewelry. They provide valuable customer service, which helps them create a unique experience for their customers. This way, they have been able to build lifelong relationships with their clients.

Lugano Diamonds

Revenue generation

The Newport Beach store of Lugano Diamonds generates revenue for it. Other pop-up stores also generate revenue, where Lugano attends events attracting rich customers from all over the world. The company also strategically collaborates with some ultra-luxurious partner brands. The second permanent location of the company is its Aspen store, which has been newly constructed.

The company process

The company is reputed for its unique custom designs and private salons. They are also committed strongly to social responsibility. From origin to sales to design, they control all aspects of jewelry production. This complete control over production allows them to provide a great value for the absolute best quality.

The creative process that the company indulges in starts from the stone itself, or the collection of stones. The stone inspires the design of the jewelry. They develop, customize and modify each stone to maximize its profitability and beauty.

For using zirconium in jewelry, Lugano Diamonds was awarded the Best of the Best award by Robb Report in 2013. The company complies with Clean Diamond Act of 2003, thus ensuring no dealings with Blood Diamonds. The company is best known for searching the rarest and most exotic gems of the world.