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Along with having a good smartphone, maintaining it and providing it with proper service also matters!

With the advancement in technology from ancient to modern times. There isa lot of changes that took place in the smartphone industry. Initially, only a small Nokia phone was used, then slowly touch screens make it and then came the era of using iPhones.While all this was happening, people started liking the changes and moving forward with the technology. But later there also many issues with the phones that was driving people crazy.

Basic Problems:

The basic problems included sudden shutting down of computers, OS operating very slowly, the sudden breakdown of phones, screen damages, battery issues etc. Many times when this happened, all of a sudden there was no option but to visit the local shops near your locality. In this shop, the items are not trustworthy .But with no option left to fix your phone, you just opt for a poor quality material which again after few days or months needs mending.

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