Traits of Ferder in the diamond world

Moti Ferder has worn many hats in his career as a diamond cutter, jewelry designer, entrepreneur, and as a philanthropist. He is the well-known name in the diamond jewelry world. With the unique jewelry designs crafted by this person, he has gained a huge customer base in a short span. With the passion in designing jewelry, he started his own firm with the name Lugano in Israel and has slowly spread this brand globally, by starting its first salon in California in 2005. He started designing unique pieces of jewelry since the young age. With his experience, skills, creativity and knowledge, he is designing unique masterpieces that are making diamond lovers fall in love with those designs. Lugano diamonds is serving the clients and giving the best and enriching diamond shopping experience. The best thing is that, people can find the precious gems that are difficult to find elsewhere in his salon. In addition to gems, these diamond salons also sell cufflinks, earrings, neckpieces, and other pieces of jewelry that women love to adorn.

Moti Ferder also contributes a part to various philanthropic activities. He is a skilled gemologist and a talented diamond cutter. He also tests diamonds, cut them in shape, design jewelry and market them. Before taking up the career as a jewelry designer, he served as a Capitan in Israel Army.

Few of the traits that made Moti Ferder a successful person in the diamond world include

Skill set: This person cuts the diamond in any desired shape by giving great attention to detail. He has excelled in cutting diamonds and have become one of the most efficient and expertise diamond cutter in the market.

Love designs: This person will come up with new designs from time to time. He has attained tremendous success in his career with his stupendous designs. With his unique designs, he started his own venture which has earned a huge fame in the international diamond market. His love for diamond and diamond cutting is driving him to design unique jewelry every time.