Welcome To New Escape Game Room Charleston SC

Explore the new gaming experience in Charleston sc. Come and take a part in investigation of mission person in escape game Charleston SC.

This escape room game charleston sc experience can enhance the ability of work of mind. It is an immense game plot with lots of riddles. So by using skill and group work help the team to come out from the locked rooms.

How to play escape game?

Within an inbuilt storyline you and your friends will be locked in for one hour without any gadget or internet connection. Understand the story set up and all member starts finding clues in room. If anyone can crack one of the riddle then it lead to another locked room.

In this way multiple rooms are planned with maze and clues. Their cannibal collector game is open for booking. The schematic designs give you the real life experience while solving the puzzles.

As a member of search squad players are entered in the room. In one hour time they have to solve puzzle to inform authorities before cannibals return for dinner. It is not scary as no person is involved to scare players except the motionless props.

How to book escape games charleston sc?

There are two ways to book. One is via email, another is via call. Pricing for the play are given below:

One person – $28; Two persons – $56; Three persons – $89; Four persons – $112; Five persons – $140; Six persons – $168; Seven persons – $196; Eight persons- $224

Private booking is also available for $200.

Play times are as follows:

Monday to Friday timing schedule divided into five sections starting from 2pm to 11pm. Saturday timing schedule classified into eight schedules starting from 12pm to 11pm. In Sunday, play time is starting from 12pm end at 11pm.

So book your time and come with your friends and family to explore the spooky investigation play.